Why Use IONM?

Today Intraoperative Neurophysiologic Monitoring (IONM) has become the gold standard of care in most hospitals that provide neurological, orthopedic, vascular and cardiothoracic surgical services. The use of IONM can decrease the risk of paralysis and other complications during critical procedures. Surgeons, hospital administrators and insurance carriers recognize the value, including economic benefits, of high-quality IONM.

IOM allows surgeons to know the neurologic status of a patient throughout the surgical procedure. American Intraoperative Monitoring’s (AIM) neuromonitorists use sophisticated computer systems to continuously collect data from the nervous system in real time and relay this information to your surgeon. This allows changes in nervous system function to be detected early in order to prevent the possibility of lasting damage. AIM is dedicated to making surgery a safer endeavor for each of our patients.

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